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Annie Takes A Hit for ALS

I was recently invited to take the Ice Bucket challenge to support ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) by long-time friend, Holly, and accepted her invitation. This entailed me making a donation to the ALS Foundation, inviting 4 other people to take … Continue reading

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A Family that Plays Together Stays Together

Our family likes each other! In fact, we have had family gatherings or events almost every month this year! It’s pretty amazing and so much fun. When everyone visits our Northwoods home, we can expect to have both outdoor and … Continue reading

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Wow! She’s a Whopper!

Each spring we can see Snapping turtles or Painted turtles digging a hole in the ground in which to lay their eggs. They can choose the shoulder of a road (really?), someone’s garden, or in the middle of a yard. … Continue reading

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Enjoying our Fawns

We have regular visitors in our yard each evening and, if I could spend the day sitting and watching, probably throughout the day. The question that pops up each spring is: Have you seen a fawn yet? May is the … Continue reading

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Walking is a daily goal

I have been a runner for much of my life. No long distance running (although I have completed 2 half-marathons).  Just running for good health and meditation. About 4 years ago I was training yet again for another half-marathon and … Continue reading

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