How To Video: Using Annie’s Woolens Christmas Stocking Liners

Our NEW originally-designed Annie’s Woolens Stocking Liners are perfect for adding some sturdiness to our Personalized Christmas Stockings, especially when loading them up with a few heavier stocking stuffer items. This How To Video shows how to position the cotton stocking liner inside one of our stockings so that it fits perfectly.

The liners are available in two beautiful colors that compliment the wool colors of our stockings. They add a stunning finished look to the inside. No more snagging. No more stretching! We recommend that these liners remain in place. Removing them will pull at the wool fibers and may cause breakage.

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Celebrating a Milestone with a Look Back

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A Milestone spanning 30 years! Celebrating a milestone of 30 years in business seems unfathomable! My story is one of developing a passion into a business with all of the unexpected twists and turns that have led to where we … Continue reading

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Pondering What’s Important?

In my every day life of work and play, it’s not often I take time to acknowledge what’s important to me. However, our current Northwoods weather has prompted me to ponder.

From Winter to Fire Danger

Three weeks ago it looked like winter was far from over with 3-4 feet of snow on the ground. But what a difference a week makes! We have experienced temperatures in the 70’s and 80’s! There remains little chance for snow to hang on. While exuberant that winter has ceased, May is the month when we can expect high fire danger before the grass is green and the trees leaf out. Today is one of those critically-high, extreme fire danger days with dry, gusty winds and high daytime temperatures.


Patches of snow will not last long!

What’s Important?

In the thirty years Annie’s Woolens has resided in Wisconsin’s Northwoods, we have not been threatened directly by a forest fire. However, all of us are aware of the potential and remain on the alert. So this state of affairs prompted me to ask my husband what one thing he would grab if we had to leave our house in a hurry. He was not sure. I wasn’t either. But with some time, my answer became clear:  I would grab 2 bracelets that my mother made.  She was a silversmith. I have been without both parents for a number of years. The few physical items I possess keep the memories of my parents with me. I wear my father’s watch every day. And I love to wear the bracelets my mother made as a way of holding her close to me. In all of the stuff that we possess, I find it interesting to think about what rises to the top in importance.

What One Thing?

How would you respond: In the event of an emergency and you had to leave home within minutes, what one item would you grab and take with you assuming any family members/pets are able to leave the house in safety? All hypothetical, of course, but makes one ponder. Please comment and share. 

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Being Creative – Keeping Things Fresh

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In our line of work, the routine of each day can become monotonous. Most of the year we are in production of our knitted Christmas stockings to build up inventory for the year. For example, currently I am working on … Continue reading

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What Do You Do With a Sunday?

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When you live in our neck of the woods, preparing for winter is important as winters are long and can be quite harsh. Our family has already been making preparations. Our wood is now cut and stacked and our chimney … Continue reading

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